Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bread, Bread, Delicious Bread!

If I'm going to bake my way through this tome, I'm going to have to face making starter. That worries me. What if I just make mold instead of yummy, yeasty starter?

So I chose a bread that I knew I could make:
Buttermilk Potato Bread. (Which means I now need to find more recipes that use buttermilk, since you can't buy it in less than 1L quantities.)

To make a long story short, here's the outcome:
Oops! I forgot to glaze it. My taste buds won't care though...BLTs, here I come!


  1. Those loaves look fantastic! I didn't know you liked to bake! =D

  2. Make Buttermilk Puding! It has lemon in it, and is made with a gelatine base. It's perfect for hot summer days. Or Indian-Summer days!
    BTW, it's in Mama's little blue dutch cook book from Auntie Gillian.