Sunday, October 31, 2010

Have the Cake's October Challenge: Layer Cake

I'm late, but that's better than the last few challenges, which I missed altogether. Which is a pity, since they were all things I really wanted to bake!

I found the recipes here...check it out; it'll be worth your time!

Since the recipe for the layered cake, ganache, orange frosting, and marshmallow fondant are all on Bakingdom's blog, I didn't think it would be right to copy them here. I'll give you the links, though...her directions are all clear, with wonderful photography to boot!

I don't know if you can call this a 'version' of the original, since I did my best to imitate the whole thing! If mine tastes as good as the original looks, I'll be happy.
Added later: it tasted great! Notes: make more chocolate frosting for the layers, and add more liquid to the frostings.