Friday, June 29, 2012


(Sorry about the picture quality. Now that Picnik is gone, I'm not sure how to tweak my photos)

Well, this is a Fraisier! Much easier than I thought it would be, with 4 components (plus strawberries) and light and airy and not too sweet!

The recipes and instructions for assembly came from this book, and it took one morning (maybe 2 hours?) to complete, although I had made the marzipan the night before.

I ended up baking the sponge in one sheet pan and then piecing the bottom together with bits left over after I had but out a circle for the top. I used kirsch in the syrup and in the creme mousseline, but I couldn't taste it in the final product. Finally, I probably should've reserved a bit more of the mousseline for the top layer after adding the chopped strawberries.

Definitely want to make this one again!